Organic products are the products each of which phases are controlled from production until consumption without using any chemical input in production and these produces are certified.


In Organic agriculture;

In other processes from
until delivery of the product to consumer, chemical substance or pesticides are not used. Land in which organic production will be made should be at a distance in a way not be affected from regions where traditional production is made, well traveled main roads, heavy industry facilities, mine facilities, areas where urban wastes are left collectively,  stream and underground water including contaminant wastes. Organic agriculture is an alternative production method which aims at protecting natural balance disturbed as a result of wrong implementations in agricultural production. In this method, synthetic fertilizer, pesticide and chemical substances are not used.
Purpose of the organic agriculture is to protect environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting soil, water resources and air. In a wider sense, it is a product of philosophy aiming at protecting environment, giving back what it obtains from the nature to the nature, aiming at providing continuance of agriculture and even starting to protect interests of employees, it is a life style.
Organic products do not disturb natural balance of your body, animate, and are obtained completely from organic plants in the nature. They do not include any pure and unnatural substance. Organic foods are more nutritive in terms of nutritional values. Since no chemical substance is used in production and all other phases, food products do not lose their real taste. Each product is cultivates in its season. For this reason, you can open doors of a healthier life for yourself and people you love by using organic substances in your meals and pastries.
To sum up, organic foods are more beneficial for human, other creatures living in planet, and also for environment. Organic foods which are produced meticulously are healthier with traditional agriculture and husbandry methods without bringing pesticides and GMO’s (genetically modified organism) into our life, and they are also more nutritive and delicious.


What about having an organic life as soon as possible?